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About Us


With more deregulation and freedom of choice for phone system buyers, it's never been a better time to consider a new system or upgrade. With so many phone system dealers in the market, how do you find a reliable partner to install this important business asset and offer the best value in telephone system maintenance.

100% New Zealand owned, the team at Voicepro are market leaders in understanding Kiwi businesses needs and requirements when it comes to telecommunications. With our strong product range and a heavy focus on service and support, Voicepro is 100% committed to partnering with businesses to develop and implement effective telephony solutions.


Voicepro Limited brings massive experience and proven contacts to NZ telecoms. Our integrity and experience is everything you'd expect from a respected member in the business telephony scene:

  • Samsung Officeserv VOIP PBX Systems 

  • Ericsson LG Conventional and IP phones systems

  • Complete Range of Plantronics headsets and accessories  

  • Call Centre Solutions

  • Multi-site networks

  • Low cost call tariffs, lines and call management

  • Remote managed services

  • Data & Voice cabling for company phone systems


  A Proven & Reliable VOIP Solution:

A VOIP solution with proven reliable performance inall aspects of business communications; be it voice distribution, messaging,data-transfer, video-conferencing or other.

  Service and Support:

A reputable organisation that knows their stuff andwho are there for you in the long term.

  Single Point of Contact:

A single person who would keep you informed ofemerging communication trends / technologies and through whom you wouldinterface for all aspects of your communications.

A person, who is committed to their product long term– and will remain committed to your total system satisfaction and provideprompt, honest and expert advice as and when required.


  Spare Parts Commitment:

A supplier, who will protect your investment byproviding a written guarantee of spare parts availability for the expected lifeof the system, i.e. five (5) years of parts availability.


  Flexibility & Connectivity for the Future:

A communication platform, which meets your currentneeds and that will remain compliant with new and emerging technologies,allowing enhancements and new technologies to be easily embraced when required.


VOICEPRO LIMITED – Ticking all the boxes.


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